We may require full or partial payment before starting work on your project depending on client history, the scope and the length of the project.

Submit Request

Submit a quotation request by emailing us a pdf or editable electronic file (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.)

Analyze Document

The document will be analyzed for content, format, complexity, and pre-existing translations.

Quote Prepared

A quote is prepared by determining the amount of research involved and the size of the document. The analysis also considers previously translated documents to re-use pre-existing translations. Updates to documents do not require the translation of the whole document, and only the new and modified text is invoiced. For a rough estimate, calculate 23¢ per word based on the standard word count. The quote will include a delivery date based on volume and your requirements.

Translate Agreement

We translate after you agree to proceed, and we contact you immediately if we have questions or issues via e-mail.

Translation Proof

The completed translation enters into two stages of proofreading and editing after which it is then passed to a second linguist to review.

Final Product

The finished file is returned to you in the format requested. If the translation is destined to be integrated into a specific design, the file is returned as a bilingual file to ensure the designer can easily match the translation to the original language.